Ancient Temples in Cambodia

There are a lot of ancient temples in cambodia, a reflection of how important religion has been in the history of this country. Cambodia arguably has some of the finest ancient temples in the whole of Asia. These temples attract tourists and sometimes filmmakers to the country. The majority of the Cambodian temples are either Hindu or Buddhist places of worship. At various points in the country’s past Hinduism and Buddhism have competed to be the dominant religion. Under the infamous communist Khmer Rouge regime religion was banned and tourists were barred from the temples.

The country is actually home to the largest religious site in the world, at Angkor Wat. The main temple at the site is the one building that foreigners see in pictures and immediately think of Cambodia. It is also the most visited place in the country. Angkor Wat was at the heart of the Khmer Empire and the temples were regarded as a fitting symbols of the empire’s power when built during the 12th century AD. The temple started out as a Hindu temple yet was converted into a Buddhist temple. Given that is has only been sparingly used for religious ceremonies since the 16th century it has remained remarkably intact. Although there are more examples of ancient temples throughout the country the majority of, which are in various states of decay.